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Mastering Sound Samples & Testimonials

Here we provide you with mastering sound examples of different genres.
You can get a feel of how much mastering will optimize your sound.


Mastering Processing of Alan Parsons "All Our Yesterdays"

Download a 15 minute mastering-video regarding the proccessing of the Alan Parsons track "All Our Yesterdays" in full PCM-audio quality

"All Our Yesterdays" English


Development process of the mastering of the UK-based band "Eureka Stockade"



Background, Speculation & Recommendation on the Loudness War
With kind permission of http://sfxmachines.com/docs/loudnesswar  




Mastering Processing of Carlos Hernandez`s "Bank Beat"
Choose between a 256 kbs mp3 sound example and an archived 16-bit PCM-Wave file:

Song: Bank Beat (©2010 Carlos Hernandez)
Written & Produced by: Carlos Hernandez
Album: East New York Stories (EP)
Label: Le Systeme Records (http://lesysteme.org/) contact: chsound@me.com

download mp3     download Wave im rar-Archiv

Excerpt from the DVD "Audio Mastering":

Dear Friedemann,
Thank you!
I have listened to the masters on as many different systems as I can find and couldn´t be happier with the results.
They sound full and "meaty" and well balanced.
I agree that making them any louder would just take away from the freshness of the sound.
I think you´ve found yourself a repeat-customer! I look forward working with you away.
All the best,
Carlos Hernandez

Hey Friedemann,
I want to thank you a lot for the work on my album! Sounds really great, clear, fresh, wide, thumbs up.
Sounds good everywhere and very dynamic.
And thanks again for making your tutorial dvds, learned a lot from it what otherwise would take me at least 20 years. :)
Wish you a lot of success in America and wish you a great future.
Big respect!

Gunther Wyckmans

Hi Friedemann,

Fantastic - big smiles :) we´ve listened to the album a number of times  and absolutely love the mastering -
the clarity is much improved and it really sounds professional now -
it definitely raised to a new level.

Thanks for being patient with our feedback and change requests!

It´s really brought it to a new level and we feel excited about promoting it now.

Thanks again for all your help, chat soon.




Hi Friedemann,

We want to thank you for the great mastering result regarding our new release.
It was done as requested and as we imagined it :-).
Perfectly balanced sound, sufficient dynamics, pleasure for the ear.

Also thanks for delivering the final master within our deadlines.

It’s been great working with you again!