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  R128 (&A/85) Tutorial Video (Metering & Loudness Normalization)

"With this video I was able to get rid of all the confusion around the different metering terms for the first time. Especially the knowledge about peaks and the potential risk of overs and distortion if treated wrong has had a huge impact on the quality of my daily work. Keep on the great work!”
Paul from Sweden

 This video is actually essential for everybody working with digital audio!

The ITU BS. 1770 has caused a revolution in audio measurement which affects the daily work in all areas; not only Broadcast.
R128 and A/85 have entered the television world and will enter audio in all areas from music production, through online to YouTube and radio.
The DAWs will adapt the new standards and peak SPPM measurement will be replaced by TPL, RMS will be replaced by LU and Loudness will be measured in Short-term, Momentary and Integrated.

This 3 hour video leads you systematically through the new world of metering and gives you practical examples how to apply the knowledge in your daily working practice.

As Internal Mixing and Audio Mastering this video again is based on a series of real workshops which I gave during the R128 transition phase (from Peak to Loudness Normalization) in European Television practice. During more than 20 workshops with the leading commercial, television and cinema sound studios in Germany Switzerland and Austria I optimized this workshop in order to offer it in this condensed way.

As a member of the PLOUD expert group of the EBU (European Broadcast Union), who is responsible for this standard (R128) I have good insights into the background and considerations.


Module 01: Introduction into Audio Metering

Module 02: Peak Measurement (QPPM, SPPM, TPL)

Module 03: Loudness Measurement (BS.1770 Integrated, Momentary & Short-term Loudness)

Module 04: Loudness Range LRA

Module 05: Specifics regarding leveling of commercials & trailer

Module 06: R128 versus ATSC

Module 07: Background and psycho-acoustic considerations

Module 08: CALM act, BCAP rules and other legal regulations

Module 09: Nugen VisLM-H explained by Friedemann Tischmeyer

Module 10: Steinberg SLM 128 explained by Friedemann Tischmeyer

Languages: German & English

Playing time: German: ca. 150 min. / English: ca. 180 min.

Price: € 147,-  now just € 97,-

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