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The MASTERING ACADEMY is the result - so to say - the distillate of my experiences as mastering teacher.
The aim was to bring the all ingredients together to offer the best possible mastering teaching.


The core course is the 5-day Master Seminar which offers a small group of students to dive intensively into the universe of mastering. The MASTERING ACADEMY is designed for producers, mixing engineers and mastering engineers as a once in the lifetime intense training to change the way you are working in all areas from recording through production and mixing to mastering.

More: www.Mastering-Academy.com

Interview with Friedemann Tischmeyer

Mastering Academy in Hamburg:


Mastering Academy in New York (with Alan Silverman)

Mastering Academy in Hamburg:

Mastering Academy in Toulouse:

Mastering Academy in New York:

Mastering Academy in Beijing:

Mastering Academy Studio in Hamburg: