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Never judge a mastering before you were able to hear the source mix. There are quite a lot releases out there which are successful not because of but despite of the audio mastering which was applied. As sales are no guaranty for a great mastering work I prefer concrete work samples with a real before and after comparison. This is a meaningful presentation, because of the documentation of the development process which took place during the audio mastering process. Please have a look on www.YouTube.com/user/audiotechknowledge where you can find a lot AB comparisons. On www.puremix.net you will find even more in depth samples of my work (mastering section).

Beneath famous artists with a personal dedication for excellent sound like Alan Parsons, Iron Maiden, or Johnny Cash for who a was allowed to master I am happy to serve many independent artists and labels around the globe.

Here is an excerpt of my colorful reference list of activities in the area of education and consultation:

- Apple
- Yamaha Corporation of America
- Steinberg
- Keyfax
- Antaris
- Alan Parsons "Art & Science of Sound Recording"
- Nugen Audio
- Presonus
- VW Volkswagen
- United Nations (UN)
- Intel
- Arri
- Studio Funk
- Bavaria Film
- Composition and production of the official song and double CD box for the international
  celebration of the 100 anniversary of Harley Davidson 
- Universal
- Pro7/Sat1
- Inventor of Dynamic Range Meters
- Lecturer: (excerpt) Hochschule für Musik in Wien (AES Chapter), Musikhochschule Köln, 
  Pop Akademie Mannheim, CvO Universität Oldenburg, 
- PLOUD EBU member
- VDT member

Mastering Academy Seminar in Beijing / China: