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Tischmeyer Mastering & Pro Audio Consultation c/o MAAT Inc
101 Cooper St
Santa Cruz CA 95060 USA
phone +1 831 440 7377

Tischmeyer Mastering & Pro Audio Consultation Beijing / China
For our Chinese customers we now have a direct contact in Beijing:

Friedemann 母带制作中国代理:

电话: +86-18601208504
微信: wangtianpei001
王天培会帮助您更好的和Friedemann Tischmeyer交流,从而更快的达到您所要求的结果。

Tischmeyer Mastering & Pro Audio Consultation
Lessingstrasse 9
50321 Brühl
+49 174 24 36 747

Mastering, mixing and workshop requests please send via e-mail to mastering@tischmeyer.com .

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