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             -  Stereo Mastering  -

  The classic with a new workflow

  My working method is in many ways different
  from that of most other mastering engineers.

- Good mastering includes mix supervising 
  In order to attain the best results in the master-
  ing process, there should be the possibility of
  correcting unmasterable mixing errors, where
  the mixing engineer creates a new mix
  according to my suggestions, which then can
  return into the mastering process.
  In an ideal situation I receive the "fresh" mix(es)
  online for evaluation, so that mixing errors can
  be corrected immediately.

- 2-step mastering
  As soon as I have all files, I generally work
  alone  to  master  the  recorded  media
  according to your wishes. I log all production
  steps,so that every situation can be re-created.
  Then you receive my "proposed master" for
  listening in the monitoring environment with
  which you are most familiar. In case there are adjustments to be made, you come to my studio
  for final delivery (or we agree on required updates remotely via email, skype, etc.).
  The advantages of this 2-step process are obvious: At first, you profit from my
  unprejudiced neutrality without any influence on your part. Then you receive the "proposed
  master" and can listen to it in your familiar listening environment to get a good idea of the
  result. Finally, if desired and required you come to my studio for any further refinements
  you might wish.

- Good scheduling is a condition for good results
  Best results are possible only when you budget for the time needed for possible mixing
  improvements. Consider me early for your production plan.
- Delivering files
  Many mistakes can be avoided even when preparing audio files.
  To attain the best results please read:
Tips for delivering files for mastering.pdf