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Surround Mixing

Surround mixing is one of the most exciting challenges for sophisticated sound enthusiasts.
Unfortunately, cheap upmixes and amateurish surround sound mix attempts have damaged
the image of the surround format, before it had the chance to become established.

Before starting the mix, I decide between two available mixing approaches.

extended stereo mix with well-defined frontal localization.
   This strategy is appropriate when the sound material is to be “placed“ as if on a stage; 
   you do not want to hear the singer´s voice coming from the SL channel.
   The extended stereo width allows clearer mixes and the proper use of the Center-LS
   provides well-defined localization.
   Surround speakers are used for “less important” events such as background vocals
   and ambience from a good surround reverb, for example.
Surround experience mix
   Here, the listening is plunged into surround sound. This mix strategy is appropriate with
   ambience, trance, chill, lounge, and pop, which do not need well-defined frontal localization.

Surround mixing for cinema
Thanks to the Air-Technology of the TC/Dynaudio-Air-20 speakers, I am able to simulate many different typical cinema listening environments (curtain absorption, delay times due to room size, etc.) at the press of a button.