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Prices and Procedure for Booking a Mastering

Please download and review the Upload Info for a fast, reliable and easy processing of your production.


Upload Info (PDF)

Please use the provided track list:

Mastering Track List (PDF) for your CD text and ISRC information
Mastering Track List (Excel version)

For further questions regarding your booking of your mixing or mastering session please contact:


phone +49 174 24 36 747 (Europe)
phone +1 831 440 7377 (USA)
fax   +49 3212 10 37 110
Skype: friedemann.tischmeyer

Mastering Fees:

Prices vary depending on the amount of tracks and desired delivery formats (CD, DDP, Mastered for iTunes/MFiT, HighRes, Stems, level optimized PCM files for online distribution, etc.) as well as on the number of desired revisions based on updated mixes.

A flat rate is negotiable based on your specific project and demands.

For album projects we are happy to provide a free mastering sample so that you can compare our work with the results of other mastering houses.

Payment Options:

We offer a range of payment options. As usual for mastering business we accept payment before final delivery.