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Internal Mixing is aimed at all harddisk recording program users who do their mixing mainly with their computers. A wide selection of plug-ins is not enough for a professional sounding mix.

Internal Mixing provides practical strategies using computers to make powerful, clear, and perfectly balanced mixes and shows how to create them without expensive outboard equipment.


*         Essential technical background knowledge required for good mixing results

*         How to use compressors with skill and ease

*         Numerous tips from the world of analog studios adapted for digital audio workstations

*         Layering strategies with practical exercises for creating spatial depth

*         Using loops creatively

*         Tips for clean, fat bass sound

*          The best strategies for correctly using EQ

*         Mixing tips classified according to instruments

*         Working with DSP-supported plug-ins such as: TC Powercore, UAD-1, Waves APA, 
    and SSL Duende

*         Overview and description of the best EQ, compression, and reverb plug-ins

*         Comprehensive overall concepts useful for both MAC & PC, as well as for analog
    desk mixing

*         Software-independent overall concept modelled on Steinberg´s Nuendo / Cubase

*         Working with analysis tool

*         Explanation of software-based mixing desk concepts and channel strip functions

*         Extensive glossary

*         High-quality edition with many color graphics and illustrations

*         DVD with exercises in Nuendo Project (npr), Cubase Project (cpr), and OMF2 file
    formats; audio examples in CD format and many demo plug-ins

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