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We are very sorry to announce that the release of the upcoming 2nd edition of this reference book about computer-based mastering is postponed.

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Titel: Audio-Mastering with PC-Workstations


Author: Friedemann Tischmeyer

Pages: approx. 320 , incl. DVD


Release: TBA

Publisher: Tischmeyer Publishing America Inc. Santa Cruz, CA


Price (est.): US$ 49.95


Short description:
Nowadays, every musician can carry out a complete music production with inexpensive and powerful computer hardware and software. However, the result is not always as good as a professional CD production. Especially during mastering, the last link in the production chain, incomplete knowledge can lead to unsatisfactory results. This book provides you with the necessary know-how and valuable professional advice for pefect computer-based mastering.
The most important plug-ins and the necessary hardware peripherals are described in detail. Through many examples you will learn which steps are possible and necessary to make the
best out of your mix.

On the DVD: Numerous audio examples and demo version of Steinberg WaveLab 

Currently just available in the German edition!

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