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Individual Workshops

I offer fully individualized workshops for individuals, groups, companies, Broadcast companies, studios, audio schools and Universities on the following themes:

- mastering

- mixing

- sound restoration

- surround

- R128 (ITU BS. 1770 & ATSC A/85) Loudness Normalization and Metering

- Loudness War and Psychoacustics

- History of Mastering

- Workflow optimization

Special needs can be addressed related to specific mastering or mixing projects. The production results can be taken home. If you wish to mix or master a specific project, all combinations between service and workshop are possible.

For more information, please read the section  "Mix & Learn".

For inquiries about workshop dates, please email: mastering(at)tischmeyer.com.

Companies such as Apple, VW, RTL/VOX, Pro7/Sat1, many Universities, and renowned artists such as Cro belong to my client list:


Introduction seminar "History of Audio Mastering" at Popakademie in Mannheim: