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Book and DVD-related workshops

Dear workshop participants and visitors,
I would like to thank all workshop participants who, through a rich exchange of ideas have constantly helped to optimize the workshops which have formed the basis of both of my books.
Out of the most compelling themes have sprung the books "Audio Mastering*" and "Internal Mixing".
Thanks to the high demand, tutorial DVDs which accompany these books are also available in 4 languages now.
This is the biggest knowledge collection available about the most important and complex audio engineering challenges in the age of DAWs.
The complex and versatile processes are sorted into step by step manuals which leads you through the work-flow by leaving you your artistic freedom.
The amount of information on the subject can be absorbed in steps, providing you with much more value than a one-day workshop in a group.
I still offer individual workshops, tailored to your specific needs concerning your own mixing and mastering projects in regards of your personal technical circumstances.
For more information, please read the section on "mix & learn", "master & learn" and individual workshops.
Within the next time we will release follow up tutorials where you will have the opportunity to look over my shoulder while I´m working on concrete projects. So you can study mixing and mastering skills in regards of different genres. If you are interested to see your project mixed or mastered in one of this videos, please feel free to send me an mp3 sample of the rough mix.
Thank you for the great interest you have demonstrated for my workshops in recent years.
Friedemann Tischmeyer
* The book "Audio Mastering..." is currently discontinued
Masterclass Mastering at MAO Center in Toulouse