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Mix & Learn


Have your track mixed while learning
and optimizing your workflow!

The "Mix & Learn" workshop responds to the great demand which has resulted from the book "Internal Mixing". In this individual workshop, I work one on one with a single person on one (or more when time allows) track, which you provide as an Cubase, Nuendo or OMF file.

In this way, you solidify what you have learned from the book or DVD, experience a real-life mix production with your own track, and deepen your knowledge. At the same time, you have completely mixed a ready-to-release track. Nowhere can you learn so effectively from a supportive expert accompanying you every step along the way.

Scheduling is according to individual agreement.

The range depends on the goal of the workshop between a day or a week or more in case of complete album mixes. The workshop generally starts at 09:00 am and lasts until 6:00 pm with a lunch break.

You will receive all data on a stick/HD.

Price information on request: mastering(at)tischmeyer.com

Mix & Learn Workshop with Prof. Serge Lacasse (Faculté de musique in Quebec / Canada):

Mix & Learn Workshop with Don Laka from South Africa at work on a single remix of the album "Invitation" (Bokone Music):


An intensive "Master & Learn" week with Omid Bürgin from Sao Paulo / Brazil:

Mixing & mastering session with Abdullah from Kuwait: