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The nearly six-hour tutorial DVD series

          Internal Mixing Vol. I and II

                  is available here!


340 minutes of video – the ideal companion
for the studio best seller Internal Mixing

Title: Tutorial DVD vol. I & II Internal Mixing
How to create a professional mix on your computer – a systematic approach


Author: Friedemann Tischmeyer
Playing time: Vol. I: 160 Minutes / Vol. II: 180 Minutes
Original language: German
Also in three additional languages: English (B. Smith), French (N. Sidi), Spanish (E. Garcia)
: G. Vanoli: camera, post-production, video animation; F. Zeitz: interface programming;
             M. Prahl: graphic design; R. Brunner: lighting, W. Leonhard: Teleprompter operator


ISBN-13 Vol. I:       978-3-940058-02-7     € 49,90
ISBN-13 Vol.II:       978-3-940058-03-4     € 49,90
ISBN-13 Vol.I & II: 978-3-940058-04-1     € 99,80

Publishing date: Januar 2007
Publisher: Tischmeyer Publishing
Distribution in Europe, Asia, Africa & Australia: www.AudioTechKnowledge.com
Distribution in North & South America: Tischmeyer Publishing America Incorporation

Shipping in Germany € 3,-
Shipping in EU (outside of Germany) € 4,50
Shipping USA / Canada US$ 10
Shipping to all other countries  € 8,-

Payment: Paypal, major credit cards and bank transfer

System requirements: PC & MAC: 1.024 x 768 pixel Monitor, DVD drive, Quicktime 7

PC:    Windows XP Home und Professional, Windows Vista (QT 7.1.3), 2 GHz or faster,
           256 MB RAM, Windows MME & Direct Sound.

MAC: OS X Version 10.4, Mac G4 1,67 GHz or faster

No installation necessary —   Intuitive user interface


Short description:
Internal Mixing is aimed at all harddisk recording program users who do their mixing mainloy with their computers. You need more than a wide selection of plug-ins for a professional sounding mix!

Internal Mixing provides practical strategies for using computers to make powerful, clear, and perfectly balanced mixes and shows how to create them without expensive outboard equipment.


Excerpts from over 90 video sequences:

- The three dimensions

- Working with compressors

- Mixing drums, step-by-step

- Tips for improving loops

- Voice processing

- Dealing with vocals and various instruments

- Insider knowledge concerning plug-ins


Teaser of the Internal Mixing Tutorial DVD

6 MB / 2:45 min. Quicktime preview requires Quicktime 7 or higher.

Download the free Quicktime version here: www.apple.com/de/quicktime/download
Quicktime is a trademark of apple.
Right click "save target as" and copy teaser on HD, if streaming doesn´t work.

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