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Tischmeyer Mastering in Santa Cruz, California 

In Audio Mastering we have basically two controls: Enhancement of overall sound quality and loudness. If not balanced properly masters often suffer under a loss of sound quality in order to get it loud for any price.
For your production I will find the ideal trade-off point between loudness and dynamic sound pleasure in order to serve todays market demands AND a great sound experience that makes your music attractive and long-lasting for decades.
Latest loudness standardizations (R128) will be disadvantageous for hyper-compressed music on broadcast and in the download business.
Master today for your successful future! Consult the mastering engineer of dynamic sound.
Please contact 
mastering@tischmeyer.com for any requests on mastering, mixing and the favored combined workshops (Mix & Learn and Master & Learn).

Masterdog "Gaya" with Friedemann @ Keyfax Santa Cruz


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